Why Freelancers Should Always Use a VPN

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You might think a VPN is optional software. After all, not often do devices come preloaded with it. It’s also assumed that a VPN is primarily for those who have “reasons” to hide their web activity.

Unfortunately, that’s a wrong assumption. Today, a virtual private network is more of a privacy tool that protects your identity online. At TuxlerVPN, we recommend every person who uses the web for any purpose install a VPN. Any decent VPN software that cloaks your IP address and encrypts your connection is good enough to cover your tracks online and keep you protected.

Having said that, installing a VPN on your computer or smartphone is considered a precautionary move. A good part of internet users who do not use a VPN to surf the web never face any tangible problems. It’s another story whether or not they are a silent victim of invisible traffic surveillance or fraud. 

It is this same rationale that applies a little more to freelancers who usually do not work out of a single location. The advantages aside, using a VPN can be a lifesaver for you if you are a full-time digital freelancer. Here’s how.

3 Reasons Why Freelancers Should Always Use a VPN

In theory, as a freelancer, you only need a laptop and an internet connection to work out of anywhere. Add a VPN to the mix, and you can reap multiple benefits from it.

Here are three critical benefits of using a VPN that are worth the money you will spend on it.

Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi

If there’s one thing we know you love about the flexibility of work, it is working from literally anywhere. Anywhere with Wi-Fi, that is. And that is where the trouble also lies.

Knowing there’s free Wi-Fi in a café in a new city you just flew to can be comforting. But connecting to such a public Wi-Fi network to do business or work with sensitive client data can be risky. If a hacker is connected to the same network, you risk putting your device, your personal and financial info, and files and folders of your device in danger. 

A VPN can prevent such attacks to an extent. With a VPN switched on, even when you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi, your traffic will be routed through another server, thereby protecting you from potential cyberattacks.

Surf the Web from Anywhere

Sure, you can fly to the Bahamas tomorrow and work from there if you’re a freelancer. But what will you do if your US client uses a CMS that can only be accessed from within the United States?

Well, a VPN can again come to your rescue. Just switch to a US VPN server and connect to the CMS in question. VPNs are best used to tackle geo-restrictions. As a freelancer, you can truly work from anywhere around the globe when you have a VPN by your side.

Pro Tip – A VPN can also help you unblock streaming sites and log into your account (of your native country) when traveling abroad. Here’s an example of how.

Enjoy a Better Network

Sometimes Wi-Fi and broadband networks are configured to limit the speed and bandwidth of connections. In such cases, a VPN can help you smoothen it up. Although the general understanding is that VPNs throttle down internet speed (which is true), in some cases, they can do the opposite.

Just choose the nearest VPN server and enjoy unobstructed speed and bandwidth.

Buying and using a VPN can immensely improve your web experience. And if you’re a digital freelancer, a VPN becomes a must-have tool both for your work machine and smartphone. The benefits far outweigh the overhead cost which is usually attributed as the biggest con of using a VPN. Try one today.

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