Why choose residential tuxlerVPN for iOS?

No limit to a free period

With tuxlerVPN the web has truly no borders since it is free at all times and the bandwidth is unlimited too! No hidden charges, no trial periods, no data restrictions. Browse as much and as often as you want with our free unlimited VPN for Mac!

Wide choice of locations

Online freedom and flexibility are guaranteed to you no matter which country you are located in. There is no location limit even in the free plan and with millions of locations available you can easily bypass geo-restrictions and get access to literally any content.

Anonymity guaranteed

tuxlerVPN for iOS protects potentially identifiable data by encrypting it using state-of-the-art military-grade technology. It means that your online activity will not be traced back to you and you can feel completely safe when browsing the web

Protection from hackers

Use tuxlerVPN to not only stay anonymous but also for complete security from hackers when using public WiFi networks (libraries, cafes, and restaurants). The encryption we use protects your bank data, passwords, private photos, texts, and documents.