What is VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network. It connects your device to the secured Internet. VPN protects you and your data from snooping. It is the easiest and most effective way to stay safe while using the Internet. Thanks to a connection through an encrypted tunnel, nobody can track you, even your service provider. With tuxlerVPN, you can keep your online activity private and easily access websites that might be restricted.

Why residential VPN
is the ultimate solution?

Use a VPN to browse anonymously

Everyone has a right to privacy

We give you 70 000 random locations refreshed constantly from 182 providers from 92 countries all over the world. It makes tuxlerVPN virtually unblockable and untrackable.

End-To-End encryption prevents surveillance and tampering by third parties. All data is sent by a fully secured channel. With our military-grade encrypted VPN your browsing activity stays private.

Why is tuxlerVPN the best website unblocker?

Internet content may be blocked for security reasons or country may have geographical restrictions. Whatever the objects may apear, a VPN overcomes them and allow you to ublosk the websites you want to enter.

Hide your IP and location

Regularly refreshed proxies and millions of locations to choose from let you be anonymous and enter any sites you require.

3 steps to online safety


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