How is tuxlerVPN extension for Firefox different from other VPNs?

Unlimited free period.

Choosing whether to watch a movie on foreign Netflix or add that additional layer of protection when connecting to a public WiFi because of the limited number of GBs in your free VPN plan? Choose no more since with tuxlerVPN you get unlimited bandwidth with a free plan, always.

Unblock any website

With millions of real residential IPs available and the ability to choose the country and even city to browse from, you can access any website, anywhere, bypassing geo-blocking and other restrictions. Our tuxlerVPN Firefox extension gives you full browsing freedom!

No ads

Apart from the free version being really free with no bandwidth restriction, you’re not going to be bombarded with ads when using tuxlerVPN. We aim to provide the best user experience possible, so nothing will prevent you from browsing the web freely and safely - no ads, no connection losses, no “trial period ended” messages.

Encrypted connections

When using the tuxlerVPN Firefox add-on you can be sure everything you do online can never be traced back to you. This is due to military-grade encryption protecting your data from hackers and giving you the possibility to experience safe and private Internet.