Why is residential tuxlerVPN the best choice?

Become invisible on the web

Prevent anyone from being able to track you down or steal your personal data. Now you are the one in control of your privacy! tuxlerVPN’s military-grade encryption, user-friendly interface, and millions of residential IPs will make your online activities truly anonymous.

Always free

Secure connection with unlimited bandwidth for free! Download big files and stream all you want without the fear of your connection getting interrupted. tuxlerVPN app for Windows is free for everyone so that you can enjoy the benefits of a premium solution with no costs involved.

No restrictions

With tuxlerVPN residential proxies, your online activities have no limits. Japan? Germany? South Africa? You get millions of locations to choose from with 70,000 new residential IPs appearing each month. Geo-blocking is no longer a problem when tuxlerVPN has your back.

Easy to use

Using a VPN shouldn’t be hard, should it? tuxlerVPN’s app for Windows has an intuitive user-friendly interface so you won’t ever have to worry about which button to click and how to find the right settings! Seamlessly connect and choose your locations with just one click of a button!