Why Should You Choose a VPN Server Closest to You?

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Choose a VPN server closest to you for better speed. Select a nearby VPN server. Try a VPN server in a neighboring country.

We always keep hearing these statements when it comes to using VPN efficiently. Some of you may have wondered why.

Well, if you are one of those, here’s what we’re going to discuss today. A quick explanation as to why choosing a VPN server closest to you is always recommended.

The Role of a VPN Server

When you connect to a virtual private network, the most important element is the VPN protocol you choose. This governs the type of encryption you get, which in turn, influences the speed and tunneling. After the protocol, the server plays the most important role.

Rather, the location of the server is what matters. It is tied to the central concept of VPNs, i.e., routing your web traffic through another IP address in another region to hide your IP address. This action is what makes you anonymous.

How Does a VPN Server Matter?

The server location is always taken as corresponding to your original physical location i.e., your home or office address. Whatever VPN location you choose, your VPN software has to route your traffic from your original location to this new location and then to the destination. While virtual networking is superfast and occurs in milliseconds, the distance between two locations still influences the ping and response rates. This is known as latency in networking.

Therefore, if you’re in London, there is a difference in latency when you choose a VPN server in France versus India. The Indian server will have a higher latency, thus affecting your speed, bandwidth, and overall VPN connection.

This is the biggest reason why it’s recommended that you choose a closer VPN server. It just means low latency, which translates to better speed and more bandwidth.

This location element applies to residential VPNs as well. When you choose a region (a city/country), the residential IP pool of that region is activated. This means your traffic is routed through one of the residential IPs from that pool, thereby impacting the latency.

Reasons to Choose a Nearby VPN Server

There are several reasons to choose a VPN server that is closest to you. They are:

  • Low latency in your VPN connection
  • Reduced speed throttling or better speed
  • Better bandwidth
  • Server quality may differ from country to country

Do note that there can be more than one server in a given location, and the latency can be different for all the locations. This is why changing your VPN server is recommended when you’re, say, unable to unblock a geo-restricted website. 

The key to an optimum VPN connection is the type and location of the server chosen. It doesn’t matter what country or region you choose; as long as it’s close to you, the VPN connection will be seamless and faster.

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