How to Select the Best and Fastest VPN Server?

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We’ve previously discussed how you can use your VPN more efficiently through some simple tricks. Today, we’ll focus on tips on how you can choose the best VPN server for an optimum connection.

Choosing a Good VPN Server

Before we get to the tips, let’s first understand what makes a good virtual private network server.

Any server that does not increase the ping rate is a good bet. By ping rate, we mean the time it takes for the server to ping back your traffic to the intended destination. As we’ve discussed before on the TuxlerVPN blog, the distance between your original location and the chosen server influences this ping rate.

Therefore, a good VPN server is one that offers a low latency rate, is located in a region without any governmental or political influence, and is independently managed.

Choose a Closest VPN Server

Depending on your requirement, choose a VPN server that is closest to you.

For example, if you intend to just stay anonymous, choose a location that’s within a radius of a few hundred miles from you. This could be another city, or whether you live near a national border, another country. The closer your VPN server is to your original location, the better will be your speed and bandwidth.

In case you’re actively looking to connect to a specific country’s server, still choose one that’s geographically closer to you. For instance, if you’re in the UK and want to connect to a US server, opt for Florida or North Carolina as the state. As you can see, these two are the closest to the UK, geographically speaking.

Choose a VPN Server in a Liberal-Country

Regardless of what you are trying to do, choosing a VPN server in a liberal, free country is bound to give you a better connection. Such a server will be devoid of any restrictions or scrutiny, giving you unconditional anonymity.

For example, a Swedish VPN server is often a better choice if you’re trying to download something off the internet. The copyright rules are lax there, so you’ll likely get a free pass in accessing the websites that you want.

Auto-Choose the Server

Several VPNs, including TuxlerVPN, allow you to randomly choose a VPN server. This is a good way to choose the ideal one for your basic VPN needs.

Some VPN software will detect the lowest latency in the available servers and connect to one of those. Auto-choice removes the responsibility of choosing a server from you. You can just sit back and surf the web.

Opt for Dedicated VPN Servers

Some VPN providers may offer dedicated VPN servers for an extra fee. You can avail of such a service if you feel your needs demand the best speed, more bandwidth, and ultimate privacy. 

The advantage of such dedicated VPN servers is that you are the only one of the few who connect to them. They’re not open to general users, thereby offering you low latency and better connections.

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