How to Unblock Netflix Content Using a Residential VPN?

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Here’s a situation: in a post-COVID-19 reality, you travel from Spain to the US for a business trip. On the last day of your trip, you sit down in your hotel room to watch a show that you had been following back home. To your dismay, Netflix does not display that show. 

Why? Netflix automatically detects your IP address as away from home and displays you the content that’s only available in that region. In this case, the content in the US. 

This is an issue that a lot of users face globally. Netflix does not have a global content system. Instead, it has region-specific content which may or may not overlap between two countries.

That is where you can seek the help of a friendly residential VPN and consume your favorite shows unbridled. Here’s how.

A 3-Step Guide to Unblocking Netflix Using TuxlerVPN

Follow the steps outlined below to access Netflix from any country:

  1. Access TuxlerVPN and choose the region (city or state in a country) that you are located in
  2. Select a server closest to you and switch ON the residential VPN
  3. Open your Netflix app and enjoy the location-specific regional content

If for some reason, you are not able to stream the content you are looking for, consider logging out and then logging into your Netflix account. Clearing the cache of your device and browser may also help.

Note #1 – You can use your original Netflix subscription to access the content of other countries. Netflix does not distinguish between global accounts. This means that you can use your Spain-based Netflix subscription to access American content from a location in Spain.

While unblocking Netflix using a residential VPN, you will likely come across different situations. You could either get all the content of that region, get only Netflix originals, or all the content of your native region. In such cases, your best bet would be to use another device or experiment with different VPN servers.

Why Use Residential VPN to Unblock Netflix?

Residential VPNs fare the best when it comes to access Netflix in other countries. This is because residential IPs are better able to bypass Netflix’s VPN-detection system.

Netflix uses VPN server IP ranges to detect if its users are using a VPN to access restricted content. In most cases – with popular and free general-purpose VPNs – Netflix is easily able to detect this. However, since TuxlerVPN cloaks your original IP address with another true residential IP address, it is unlikely to block it.

This means you can enjoy unlimited Netflix content via TuxlerVPN’s servers without putting your binge-watching sessions in danger.

Want a foolproof Netflix unblocking system? Install TuxlerVPN today.

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