How Does a Residential VPN Unblock Sites More Efficiently?

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By now, you must have realized that TuxlerVPN does a better job at unblocking your favorite sites than other virtual private networks (VPN). Thanks to our VPN technology, our 100% residential IPs tend to combat geofences better and thus provide you with seamless browsing and streaming experience.

But have you wondered how we do this so efficiently? How do residential IPs unblock streaming sites better, faster, and more efficiently than traditional VPN server IPs? What is the underlying feature that assists residential VPNs to bypass geofences? Let’s find out in this short explainer article.

Unblocking a Website Using a Residential VPN

To understand how a residential VPN works better at tackling geo-blocked streaming sites, let’s look at the step-by-step process of unblocking.

Assume you are in the UK. You are connected to TuxlerVPN and have selected a city in an American state. You wish to watch an American show that’s only streaming on a particular site also restricted to Americans. That site allows only US citizens to watch its content. As a workaround, you use our VPN software to gain access to the site from the UK.

Now, here’s how it will work: when you access the streaming site through TuxlerVPN, the site will get a ping from a residential IP address located in a region within the United States of America. Although you will be streaming from the UK, the site will see the IP address assigned by TuxlerVPN.

As you know, using a residential IP to hide your IP address makes you look like a real user browsing from that location. Therefore, the site’s geofence will not block you from accessing it. You can enjoy streaming your favorite show as long as you are connected to TuxlerVPN. This is the single biggest advantage of using a residential VPN for streaming.

What’s the Unique Factor of Residential VPNs?

As you can guess, the unique factor here is the residential IP. In the above example, when the site detects your ping address, it realizes that you are accessing it from within the country and not from the UK. This automatically takes you away from geofence and gets you access to the site.

In the case of a traditional VPN, the website is pinged by an IP address generated by a server or a data center. Sure, this server may be located within the United States, but certain sites have filters in place to detect such VPN IPs and deny them access. It should be noted that such VPN blocking is a recent development and was a rare practice till a few years ago.

This ability to bypass both geofences and VPN block filters is where residential VPNs like TuxlerVPN fare better at unblocking sites.

If your sole aim of buying a VPN is to aid your streaming or browsing of geo-blocked sites, then we recommend getting TuxlerVPN Premium. In addition to our state-of-the-art residential IP network, you also get high-speed connections, unlimited bandwidth, and over 70,000 fresh IPs every month. Subscribe now!

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