An Overview of TuxlerVPN Premium

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A VPN is an essential piece of software today. We have previously discussed how it can protect your personal and business interests that are connected to the internet, especially in a post-pandemic world. While our free offering is usually enough for new and occasional web users, TuxlerVPN Premium offers a few sweet extras that can radically improve the way you enjoy the web.

When you subscribe to TuxlerVPN Premium, in addition to faster connectivity – which is often the biggest peeve among VPN users – you can also enjoy more locations and fresh IP addresses. These upgrades can make your web browsing smoother and devoid of VPN blocks and IP bans.

Read on to find out more about our premium offering.

Features of TuxlerVPN Premium Residential VPN

With our premium subscription, you get the following benefits:

4x Faster Connections

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns of using a virtual private network is how it throttles your internet speed. Most users on ordinary free VPNs report a reduction of more than 50% (or worse) of their original speed. This is highly undesirable, especially if you are streaming your favorite show on Netflix.

With TuxlerVPN Premium, you get 4x the speed that you get with our free version. In other words, you face limited or no throttling with our premium residential IPs. We do this by giving you access to a dedicated residential IP network.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Another related benefit of buying the premium version is that you can use the VPN for unlimited web browsing. There is no limit on the bandwidth or the number of locations. You could spend a major part of your day on the web – browsing, streaming, downloading – and TuxlerVPN will not rest. 

This benefit will be useful if your profession requires you to be connected safely to the internet for hours or even days at a stretch. In comparison, most VPNs around have a limitation on how much you can use their servers.

No IP Sharing

The premium version does not require you to share your own IP address with the TuxlerVPN user pool. This means you can enjoy all the benefits of a residential IP without having to pledge your own IP address. 

Data Center and Residential Choice

With TuxlerVPN Premium, you have access to both data center and residential IPs. This is useful if you want privacy protection for different purposes. For example, you can use a data center IP for applications such as general web surfing and online gaming. On the other hand, a residential IP can be used for unblocking a streaming website.

More Location Changes

With TuxlerVPN Premium, you can change locations as much as you want. For instance, imagine you want to catch a Netflix UK show in the morning and another Spanish show later in the day on another streaming platform. You can change the residential IP location according to your needs to bypass the respective website’s geological restrictions.

The premium version offers up to 100 location changes a month. This should be more than enough for most web users.

Access to All Locations

At less than $8 a month, you can get a residential IP from all major countries in the world. This includes the United States of America, the UK, Australia, China, Japan, India, the European Union, Brazil, Argentina, and more. Simply select the country and city that you want and TuxlerVPN Premium will deliver a 100% residential IP to you.

70,000 Fresh IPs Delivered

In addition to the dedicated residential network, you also get thousands of fresh IP addresses every month with your subscription. This allows unlimited website unblocking without the fear of VPN blocks or bans. As previously discussed, some websites tend to selectively block VPN IPs from circumventing their geofence. While they’re ineffective on residential IPs, the premium version makes it bulletproof.

There’s a lot that TuxlerVPN Premium offers which makes it a worthy upgrade from the free version. If you are satisfied with our free residential VPN service, consider upgrading to premium at just $7.99 per month. Buy today!

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