What to Do If Your VPN IP is Blocked?

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With VPNs being widely used to unblock websites, there has been some counter-action from the other side. Streaming websites such as Netflix have begun to crack down on VPN IP addresses in an attempt to prevent users from bypassing their geofence. This has resulted in a quagmire. The very tool that we all use to unblock a website itself gets blocked.

Such a situation has become increasingly common these days. You trust your VPN will keep you safe and not only NOT limit your possibilities but will broaden them.  The question then is: is it even worth buying a VPN?

The answer to that question will always be in the affirmative. As for if and when your VPN gets blocked, here are a few things you could do to fix that.

How to Fix a VPN Ban?

As discussed on our blog before, a website creates a blacklist of IP addresses to execute a VPN ban. It monitors ranges of IP addresses that it suspects are originating from a data center or VPN server. These IP addresses are then added to the blacklist, which are then blocked from accessing the site. For most websites, this is a continuous process, making even newer VPN IP ranges fallible.

So, what can you do to fix this? There are mainly three things that you could do, starting from the easiest option.

  1. Change your VPN server or region

If you’re lucky and are using a premium VPN, the easiest way to fix a blocking is to just change the server. Switch between all available servers until you gain access.

We know this is a tedious process, but once you get hold of a good server, you will be sorted for the foreseeable future. If the VPN ban is persistent, you may have to switch servers more frequently.

  1. Inform the VPN provider

If you’re paying for a VPN and are not satisfied with the product, you have all the right to complain. Simply contact customer support and explain the issue to them.

  1. Switch your VPN provider

Free VPNs are often the first casualties when it comes to such bans. You are better off subscribing to a premium VPN that is capable of producing new ranges of IP addresses and even setting up entire new servers. 

If you feel your existing VPN company is not providing enough support, you should look for alternatives. TuxlerVPN is widely known for its website unblocking power. An advantage it has over other mainstream VPNs is that it uses residential IPs to tunnel your traffic. A website is less likely to ban a residential IP than that coming from a VPN server.

Don’t want to be caught in the crosshairs of the battle between websites and VPNs? Choose TuxlerVPN and enjoy effortless streaming without any obstructions. Try our Premium version today!

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