Residential VPN vs Datacenter VPN: A Comparison

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There are so many types of virtual private networks around that choosing one – especially the one that is best for you – can be difficult. Modern technologies don’t make that task any easier. And when you have relatively new concepts such as residential and datacenter VPNs, the task becomes even more challenging.
Should I opt for a residential VPN or a datacenter VPN? How do they differ from each other, if at all? Which one is ideal for me?
These are the type of questions that you will find yourself asking. But don’t worry because we have a quick table to help you distinguish between the two. Based on the differing characteristics, you can compare the two types and pick your choice. Before you move ahead, know that tuxler VPN specializes in residential IPs.

Differences Between Residential and Datacenter VPNs

A simple table to help you compare the features and characteristics of the two types:

If you are looking for a more detailed explanation, consider reading our article on residential VPNs. tuxler VPN offers 100% free residential IPs via our Google Chrome extension. You can simply install it on your Chrome browser and utilize the power of a free residential IP pool to access all websites.
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