8 Great Features of Residential VPNs

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Residential VPNs have quickly become one of the most in-demand types of online protection around. It allows you to use a real IP address (provided by a real ISP) of a location of your choice to bypass geographical restrictions and surf the web freely. Thanks to its affordability and ease of use, millions of users around the world depend on residential IPs to browse the Internet safely and bypass blocks.
This naturally makes it a top contender among different types of VPNs. If you are someone who’s only recently found the need for a VPN, this is a good time to go over the salient features of a residential VPN. We’ll take you through the top eight that you should know before you decide which VPN to buy.

Why Use Residential VPN – 8 Advantages

Here’s a list of advantages of using residential IPs to stay anonymous online.

You Can Use Real IP Addresses

When you subscribe to a residential VPN, you trade your IP address for a pool of several residential IPs that are provided by real internet service providers (ISP). These IPs are scattered around the world, so you can pick and choose based on your requirements. Want to access a streaming platform that is only available in Spain? Go ahead and use a residential IP available in that country.

Reduces Surveillance

Using real IP addresses reduces scrutiny from websites and security systems, which further allows you to surf freely. You appear as a regular user even when you are using a residential VPN, which is not the case when you use a proxy server or any other type of VPN. This is sort of a corollary to the first point. With a residential IP, you reduce the chance of someone snooping on your Internet activities. This is a great way to stay anonymous, especially if you want to keep your Internet activities to yourself.

You Don’t Always Have to Share Your IP Address

If you subscribe to a VPN service by paying a monthly/annual fee, you can choose to disallow it from putting your IP address in the pool. This way you can continue to reap the benefits of the pool while also keeping your own IP address private.

Free to UseIn most cases, a residential VPN is free to use.

Take tuxler VPN, for example. We provide a free Google Chrome VPN extension with which you can browse all websites without any restrictions.

Bypass All Types of Location Restrictions

Here’s a situation: you want to watch Netflix’s US content from your city in Russia. What do you do? You use a VPN that has a server located in a US state/county. But the problem is that Netflix is smart enough to disallow your request as it can easily detect that you are using a VPN or a proxy server. The solution? A residential VPN. When you use a residential IP, you are essentially mimicking the Internet connection of a user living right in the specific US state/county. This automatically unlocks Netflix’s US content for you, provided you figure out your own account’s restrictions (which may still be set to your home country).

Easy to Set Up and Handle

Using a residential VPN is like switching on a button. You just switch it on – on your browser or via a desktop client – and you are done. Of course, you can tinker with the settings for optimum performance, but most users will find the default settings of any decent provider sufficient.

Full Anonymity

Assuming the Internet connection of a real user based in a particular city in the United States while you are sitting in Nigeria is perhaps the perfect way to hide your digital footprint. Whatever you do online or whichever site you access – all traffic will be routed through that IP address. This gives you total anonymity.

Some Providers Offer Encryption

If security is critical for you, you can also opt for end-to-end encryption that is offered by most providers. Check out the premium plans of your preferred VPN provider for more information.

With anonymity being a highly sought-after feature in today’s digital world, it is better to have a VPN as a cover while you browse the Internet. Consider tuxler VPN where we offer 100% residential IPs through our free Google Chrome extension. Install now or explore our other services here.

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