Top 5 Advantages of Using tuxler VPN

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We at tuxler VPN focus on providing free and 100% residential IPs for both personal and commercial use. While our efforts are concentrated on maintaining our popular Google Chrome VPN extension, we are also in the process of launching renewed VPN clients for desktop and mobile devices across operating systems.

But oftentimes, when you are comparing VPN providers, you want to know the exact features you are getting. So, here’s a quick look at our top five advantages that can give most of our competitors a good run for their money.

Tuxler VPN is the World’s First Community-Powered Residential VPN

Residential IPs have only recently become the center of attraction for users and industry experts alike. Yet, tuxler VPN has been paving the road for years.

Being a pioneer in the field and the world’s first community-powered residential VPN, you can be sure that you are getting the most secure connections through our service. With a strong community spread out across the globe, you can find true residential IPs of any location to access a geoblocked website.

No more geo-targeting websites, no more access denials. With tuxler VPN, you can go back to browsing the Internet without a worry.

Access All Types and Forms of Websites

With tuxler VPN, you can access all types and forms of websites that are live on the world wide web. If there is a domain that is connected to a server, you can be sure that you can access it via our residential IP pool. Simply install our extension or app, switch it on, and you are good to go.

If you need a residential IP for a particular location, choose from our large community pool (see point #4) and browse away. We are talking about all types of streaming platforms like Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Video; entertainment platforms like, BBC iPlayer, WWE Network, and Spotify; news websites, informational websites, and much more.

It’s Free and Always Will Be

Using Tuxler VPN will never cost you a penny. Unless you subscribe to our premium services.

But you should know that when you use our free residential VPN, you automatically agree to add your IP address into the community pool. This means that you are trading your own IP address in return for another. You can opt-out of this by paying for our premium services.

Wide Selection of Locations

You are in China and want to access Google as if from the US? Go right ahead and use tuxler VPN. Are you in the Middle East and want to access WhatsApp Web or Telegram? Depend on us, all right. Name any location that you want to mask your IP with and we have residential IPs ready for you.

That is the power of being an industry leader – we have a wide selection of locations around the world to cater to your needs. Just download and install our app or extension, choose your desired location, and start browsing.

Only 100% Residential IPs

When you connect through tuxler VPN, you can rest assured that your IP will be cloaked by a true residential IP provided by a real ISP. That is a guarantee that we take very seriously. This is because we take extra efforts to filter our pool and weed out IPs that may be attached to proxy servers or data centers. This keeps the pool healthy and allows us to exchange true residential IPs between users.

When you use a 100% residential IP, you get total anonymity as well as a reduction in the possibility of triggering a website’s security system. This is because most websites can easily detect a proxy IP and blacklist it. This does not happen in the case of a true residential IP.

If you are looking for residential IPs, you may consider uxler VPN. We are not just the world’s first community-powered provider, we are also free. And we take the VPN business seriously. Explore more.

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