How to Get a US Residential IP? (Or Any Other Location IP)

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In the TuxlerVPN blog today, we will go through the simple process of setting up a residential US IP for your web surfing needs. If you don’t have a VPN connection already, we recommend starting with a quick installation. Download TuxlerVPN for Windows or Mac or get one of our web browser extensions. 

In this guide, we will focus on how to get a residential IP in the United States using our Windows client. The process is similar in other operating systems and versions.

Getting US Residential IP in TuxlerVPN

Assuming you have TuxlerVPN installed on your Windows computer, here’s the process to get a United States residential IP.

  1. Open the TuxlerVPN Windows application on your computer
  2. Select the toggle switch on the start screen
  3. Choose Residential as the type of VPN
  4. Scroll through the country list and choose United States
  5. If you are on TuxlerVPN premium, you can also select a city

Figure 1 – Selecting US as a country in TuxlerVPN

If you are using the free version of TuxlerVPN, a city in the US will be automatically allotted to you from the residential IP pool as shown in the screenshot below. For most web surfing unblocking and un-censoring needs, this automatic allotment will do the job. In case you face any issues, you may select Reload to Next Nearby Location to get another, better US-based residential IP.

Figure 2 – Notification of IP change

Getting Residential IP of Any Region in TuxlerVPN

If you are looking to get a residential IP from any other region such as Brazil, India, or the United Kingdom, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Open the TuxlerVPN Windows app
  2. Choose the country of your choice

A residential IP from the selected country will be automatically allotted. There are hundreds of different countries to select from and even more city-based residential IPs available at your disposal round the clock. 

In case you want to check if the allotted IP is of the right country, try a VPN-testing method.

Getting a US-based residential IP in TuxlerVPN takes less than a few minutes. If you are particular about the city of your VPN connection or if you need a region-based residential IP, consider upgrading to our premium service. With TuxlerVPN Premium, you get 4x faster connections, unlimited bandwidth, and more than 70,000 fresh IPs every month. Sign up today.

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