How to Test Your VPN

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There are two types of VPNs: one that claims to work and the other that works. 

Some users distinguish between the two types by comparing free and paid VPN services. Although that may not be the most effective way, the point is that not all VPNs work. Just because you can unblock a site does not mean the VPN is protecting you from prying eyes.

For a VPN to be fully effective, it has to hide your IP address and encrypt your traffic at all times. Very few providers can do this. We at TuxlerVPN take pride in our ability to do that.

But the question remains: how to test if your VPN is working?

Well, we have some answers.

Test Your VPN Using 2 Simple Methods

There are tens of websites and tools that allow you to check if your VPN connection is working and strong enough. But, just like the quality of the VPNs, these tools should not be trusted blindly.

This is why we suggest you use either of these methods to check your VPN connection.

Use the TuxlerVPN Website

The easiest way to check if your VPN is working is to visit the TuxlerVPN website. If you are connected to a secured server, you will see a random IP address on the top of the site’s homepage, along with a ‘Protected’ tag. Otherwise, you will see your IP address. This is also known as the WebRTC test.

If you are using a VPN and see your IP address, it is possible that it is not giving you any protection. We recommend you change the server or switch your provider.

Use a Third-Party Tool

Another way to test if your VPN is working is to check the DNS leak. If your VPN is not able to encrypt your connections to the websites that you visit (which are recorded as domain name servers (DNS)), you are likely not protected.

The best way to check for DNS leaks is to use the DNS Leak Test site. Simply visit the site, choose the standard or extended test, and see if your IP address or ISP’s name comes up. If it does, it may be time to change your VPN.

A DNS leak is a critical breach of the whole VPN setup and should not be taken lightly.

Pro Tip – You may use the What Is My IP website to check your original IP address.

You might argue that the best way to check whether your VPN is working or not is to simply see if your purpose is fulfilled. It might be streaming your favorite international show, downloading media files from a private site, or unblocking a geo-restricted portal. But when you are using a VPN mainly for security reasons, the above two methods become useful.

In any case, testing your VPN every once in a while is a good practice. Do it today!

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