How Safe is TuxlerVPN? Our Customers Respond

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One of the best ways to gauge how safe, effective, and worthy a piece of software is to look at its user reviews. At TuxlerVPN, we believe our customers enjoy using our free browser extensions and our Premium VPN offering. Many of our users have stuck with TuxlerVPN because of its efficiency despite the heated competition in the VPN market.

There are a lot of options out there today, which could make choosing the best (or the ideal one) for you difficult. Reviews can help in that regard too.

So, today, let’s take some time to go through what our customers have been saying about the TuxlerVPN products.

It’s Free

A quick look at the top reviews of our Google Chrome extension tells us that Chrome users dig it because it’s free. As compared to the paid alternatives, the TuxlerVPN Chrome extension provides quick anonymity, faster downloads, and a large number of VPN servers to choose from. 

Good Number of Servers

That brings us to the second-best quality of our products. A large number of residential IPs spread across 100+ countries is another standout feature. This enables users to choose the location of their choice and unblock any site on the web.

In comparison, alternative VPN apps have limitations as to which regions users can choose. TuxlerVPN has that ability, both in the extensions and the Windows desktop app.

Protects Your Privacy

In its review of our desktop app, FileHorse pointed out that we are the first and still the best community-powered residential VPN in the market right now. This is true because many of our blog readers don’t know that we offer a slightly different type of VPN (as compared to the regular, mainstream ones). As discussed before on our blog, residential VPNs are the next best thing in online privacy and perhaps the most effective way to protect your privacy while unblocking sites.

True residential IPs mimic the quality and environment of a real ISP-generated IP. TuxlerVPN offers such residential and data center IPs to our users, giving them a better way to stay anonymous online.

There is a lot to love and appreciate in our products that our users have already identified. As per our latest customer survey report, a majority depend on our products to unblock their favorite overseas sites such as Netflix, Reddit, and Wikipedia. The true residential IPs that we provide work like magic when it comes to browsing on a restricted web.

Have you tried TuxlerVPN yet? Know more today.

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