5 Questions to Ask While Buying a VPN

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With tens of VPN providers to choose from, it can be daunting to pick a service that fits your needs best. After all, there has to be some difference between the VPN services offered by them. Right?

Well, that’s unlike the case. Most VPN companies have the same product peppered with additional features. The better ones are often those which have the strongest VPN protocols, the highest number of locations, and fast servers.

That brings us to a few questions that we believe are worth asking while shopping for a VPN. Answers to these questions will help you pick a better product and gain full value for your money. 

What’s my main purpose with a VPN?

The first thing to know before buying a VPN is your specific requirementWhat made you decide that you need a VPN?

Are you looking to use a VPN to protect your privacy online, unblock websites, tackle ISP surveillance or throttling, or a combination of these, or all of them?

In case you’re looking for an all-rounder VPN, try to look at the functions and features offered. For instance, TuxlerVPN has superior website unblocking prowess through its residential IP network. Our residential VPN service can also help you stay protected online and avoid surveillance and snooping.

How much should I spend on a VPN?

We’ve already discussed why it’s wise to buy a VPN rather than depend on freeware. So, the question that then comes up is how much should you be spending on a tool that safeguards you from privacy invasion and fraud.

We don’t think you can put a figure to it. Instead, we recommend getting a VPN that you can afford. The best way to do a cost-benefit analysis is to subscribe for a month and use the productTuxlerVPN Premium costs less than $8 per month, and you can subscribe right now. 

Should I subscribe to a VPN for 2 or more years to save money?

You can, but we recommend testing your VPN out before committing to a long relationship with the provider. Your chosen VPN may start to perform poorly after a month of subscription.

To avoid such a situation, we recommend starting with a short subscription. Once you’re satisfied, you can subscribe for a longer duration to save money.

Should I install a VPN on all my devices?

Ideally, yes. You should set up a VPN on all devices from which you access the internet. This includes your computers, smartphones, smart TVs and other devices, wireless speakers, and routers.

When you look for a VPN, check how many devices are allowed to connect simultaneously. If a limited number of connections are allowed, we recommend installing a VPN on your Wi-Fi router. That way, all devices that are connected to the wireless router will communicate via the VPN tunnel.

How do I test my purchased VPN?

TuxlerVPN recommends testing your VPN for tunneling, IP and DNS leaks, and encryption. Use our easy VPN testing guide to get started.

You can also test your VPN by trying to unblock streaming sites or trying out the intended actions for which you bought it. 

If you’d like to avoid all this hassle and go for a reliable VPN service, try TuxlerVPN. Our premium offering provides unlimited bandwidth, high-speed connections, and thousands of locations around the world. Subscribe today!

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