11 Reasons Why People Use a VPN

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Those of us who use a VPN regularly have a specific utility for it in mind. It can be staying private online, covering our web tracks, or simply avoiding ISP tampering. For some of us, it can even be a combination of these uses as we try to navigate the World Wide Web safely and in all its glory.

But have you wondered what may be some other, lesser-known utilities that netizens use VPN for?

With VPNs becoming an essential component of any device that is connected to the internet, it’s worth learning about such interesting uses of VPNs. That way what you’re about to read can be an inspiration.

VPN Application: 11 Uses of Virtual Private Network

Here’s a list of 11 reasons why people use a VPN application. 

  1. To browse privately

Today’s hostile nature of the internet means you need to have additional tools to stay private. Along with a safe device, a VPN app is a must-have to cover yourself online and stay protected from prying eyes.

  1. Unblock sites or bypass geofence

According to tuxlerVPN users, unblocking streaming sites is the most common VPN use. A good part of our users have tuxlerVPN installed (either on their browser or as a standalone app) to bypass the geofence placed by websites. It’s possible they prefer tuxlerVPN because we’re impervious to VPN blocking, a common practice among popular websites.

  1. Avoid ISP snooping

Internet service providers (ISPs) can snoop on your online activities, track and collect your behavioral data, and even tamper with your network connection (like bandwidth throttling). As of 2023, VPN is the only way to tackle such blatant ISP snooping.

  1. Steer clear of IP-based tracking while shopping

Booking cheaper hotels and flights and saving money is possible with a VPN. That way you can steer clear of discriminatory pricing adopted by websites, where they change the listing prices according to your physical location. With a VPN installed, you can hunt for better prices and get the best deal available.

  1. Secure a public connection

Frequent travelers swear by their VPN apps. They use it to secure their communication while being connected to an open network at a hotel, café, airport, or any public place. A VPN effectively routes your traffic through another, distant server, making your connection private and covered.

  1. Improve network speed

While VPNs generally do influence your internet network speed, in some cases, they can give a much-needed boost to it. The best example of this is when ISPs purposely throttle your internet speed to save on bandwidth occupancy among their subscribers. With a VPN switched on, you can thwart such throttling.

  1. Avoid censoring

VPNs can help tackle internet censorship forced upon by governments. While it’s risky and we don’t recommend it, we have several examples that show how citizens of oppressive governments have depended on VPNs to access the internet and stay connected with many people.

  1. Avoid IP-based ad targeting

When you use a VPN, advertisement targeting goes for a toss. Since your physical and web locations are different, you’ll get non-targeted ads, if any. This is a solid way to surf the web without being bombarded by ads every other minute.

  1. Avoid tracking

When you’re connected to a VPN, you get rid of all sorts of tracking. That includes ISP snooping, browser tracking, and even device-based tracking. This is a boon for marketers and other digital professionals who are always connected to the internet and don’t have a line drawn between their professional and personal lives. 

  1. Protect devices

The age of antivirus software is gone. These days, operating systems come built-in with such security software. However, a VPN is still indispensable in that regard as it helps prevent phishing and other forms of malware that can glide in through the web without your permission. Any device that has a VPN installed is safe from IP-level man-in-the-middle attacks

  1. Own web surfing

Another part of tuxlerVPN users swear by our apps because they make them feel safer and protected. It is through tuxlerVPN that they own their web surfing, with complete control over what they do, what websites they visit, and how much information they share.

Are you surprised by how wide the scope of the humble virtual private network technology is? Explore how you can use your VPN app for more utilities. Try tuxlerVPN today.

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