Do You Need a VPN? Take this questionnaire

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A lot of new users – when they first hear about a VPN and its applications – wonder if they really need one. While some depend on online word of mouth (like on Reddit or Twitter), others listen to the recommendations shared by their friends and colleagues. Some others do their research to find out if they need a VPN, either personally or professionally.

We believe that none of these is a proper way to check if you need a VPN. While a friend’s recommendation or your organization’s mandate does help to choose the right VPN, we think the confusion over whether you need one or not can only be cleared by you, the nature of your online activities, and how safe you want to be on the increasingly hostile Internet.

So, today on the TuxlerVPN blog, we do something different. Instead of defining some common VPN phrases or helping you understand the role of your ISP in tracking your web activities, we will help you find out if you really need a VPN. Like, actually need one to safeguard yourself online.

This is basically a list of 10 questions. Answer them to the best of your knowledge, and by the end of it, the jury will be out if you need to start using a VPN or just continue doing what you were already doing. Let’s go.

Find Out If You Need a VPN By Taking This Questionnaire

It is important to answer each one of them. All 10 questions have three answer options:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe/Sometimes

At the end of the questionnaire, the option that has the highest count will help you decide if you need a VPN or not.

  1. Do you use the Internet for more than two hours a day?
  2. Does your profession expose you to the Internet in any capacity?
  3. Do you often use a public network (e.g., a cafeteria) to browse the Internet?
  4. Do you access your financial records (like bank statements) via the Internet?
  5. Are your computer’s operating system and other software (e.g., a web browser) outdated or rarely updated?
  6. Do you often access P2P websites and other unsafe websites?
  7. Have you ever experienced a virus/malware/ransom attack?
  8. Do you face any form of Internet censorship?
  9. Do you share a large number of personal files or those that contain private/sensitive information via the Internet?
  10. Do you prefer staying anonymous while browsing the Internet?

We suggest taking your time to answer these questions. It might help to jot down your responses on a sheet of paper or using a note-taking app in your system. Once you have responded to all the 10 questions, check them against the analysis below.

  • If you answered Yes to more than or equal to 4 questions, you need a VPN
  • If you answered No to more than or equal to 7 questions, you most likely don’t need a VPN
  • If you answered most questions with a Maybe/Sometimes, you most likely need a VPN

We understand that these questions are heavily subjective, but we are also sure that they will help you introspect your Internet browsing choices and make a better decision. You can now refer to Internet word-of-mouth and your friends’ recommendations to choose the best VPN for your needs. 

While a tech-savvy Internet user will already have some sort of protection to stay away from the more obvious dangers, it is pragmatic to consider a VPN and use it occasionally. Professionals and prolific Internet users choose to perennially connect their systems to a VPN to stay anonymous. This allows them to access most corners of the Internet without revealing their physical IP or identity and without facing any form of censorship. 

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