Top 4 advantages of VPN

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Top 4 advantages of VPN

It is largely believed that a virtual private network (VPN) is used either to unblock a website or to stay anonymous. While those two are the most common reasons why netizens use a VPN, it has many more applications.

A VPN can be a powerful tool if you make it an integral part of your web browsing and optimize its usage. It will not only shield you from the hostile world wide web but can also act as a facilitator to get more out of it. Here’s a quick look at the top four applications of VPN.

Bypassing Geographical Restrictions on Websites

Ever found yourself in a situation where a freely available video on YouTube is not accessible to just you? It says the ‘This content is not available in your country’ only to put a big glass of water in your plans. Maybe you were planning to watch that video while having dinner. Hard luck.

A solution?

Using a virtual private network to clone a random IP that is based in a country where the video is available. This is one of the biggest and most popular uses of VPN as scores of netizens depend on proxy servers to bypass regional restrictions across websites. This is not just linked to YouTube or other streaming websites. You can use a VPN to bypass location-specific restrictions on virtually all websites.

Note: tuxler VPN does not advocate illegal video streaming or other questionable online activities. If you are using a VPN service to stream geo-blocked content, make sure you have a subscription to that website.

Staying Anonymous

As we mentioned earlier, a large part of VPN users employs the service to stay hidden online. They don’t want to reveal their IP or physical location to the websites that they visit, thereby covering their digital footprint and trail.

There can be many reasons why someone might want to hide their online activities, the most prominent of which is just basic privacy. So, it is up to individual users if they want to use the VPN to stay anonymous, in which case using a powerful residential VPN is critical. You can consider tuxler VPN for your daily web activities.

Staying Protected While Using Public Wi-Fi

This one is more for travelers who frequently use public Wi-Fi networks in café and airports to access websites. While Googling a place or finding local information online can be done without any protection, the same is not recommended when you are accessing “more personal” websites such as a social networking site, an online bank account, or your email provider. 

You enter your credentials to access such websites, which may also house personal information such as photos, financial information, and other private materials. Accessing them via public Wi-Fi can pose a risk because of their openness. These networks are open to anyone, which can lead to interception or other more serious cybercrimes.

Using a VPN as a shield while accessing such websites can help to some extent. It will offer an extra layer of protection through encryption and IP switching, which can be enough for a quick email check or a 5-minute Instagram scroll.

Pro Tip – You should use a VPN whenever you connect to a network that is not your home network. It can avoid a lot of trouble.

Disabling Advertising and Re-Targeted Marketing

There is a high chance that most websites that you visit today keep a track of what you do online. Each of them has its own database (sort of a profile) about you, which is then used by advertisers and marketers to show you relevant ads. While these ads may help you buy better products, they can be annoying to some.

A good way to avoid getting profiled (and we don’t use that word lightly) is to use a VPN for your everyday web activities. Websites will find it hard to put two and two together and make a profile that aligns with your needs and interests.

This is a good use of VPN for users who do not like the hostile way the web works these days.

There are many more uses of VPN such as ISP blocking (debatable), online shopping (related to point #4 above), downloads from unknown sites (although not recommended), and traffic shaping. These depend on your routine web activities and requirements, which you can assess yourself and come to a conclusion. But the bottom line is that if you work on a computer over the Internet or if you are a part of the always-online culture, using a VPN becomes paramount. Try tuxler VPN today.

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