VPN Trends During the Coronavirus Epidemic

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In March 2020 when the novel coronavirus had just been recognized as a global pandemic, Publicis Groupe, one of the Big Four media agencies, immediately sent out a mandate to its employees. With most of its workforce logging in remotely, it necessitated, among other things, the use of VPN to access many of its internal services.

It was a mandate that would soon be replicated in most organizations across sectors in the world. The epidemic is still spreading widely, forcing companies to utilize the power of virtual private networks on a larger scale. If it indicates anything, it is the growing relevance of VPN as a service for professionals and companies to stay secure online.

tuxler VPN takes a quick look at the various VPN trends that have emerged as a result of the novel coronavirus epidemic.

3 Critical VPN Trends in the Age of Coronavirus

Taking note of these can not only help us strengthen our VPN service as a provider but also help you prepare better for the future.

Surge in Remote Work and VPN Usage

The correlation between the increase in the number of professionals working remotely and that of individual accesses via a VPN application is obvious. But what it shows is the dependence of organizations in the features provided by such a virtual network. Companies want to keep their cloud-based files safe while professionals want to stick to the protocol assigned by their employers.

The epidemic has already multiplied the load on servers around the world, but what’s even more interesting to see is the unprecedented reliance on third-party tools like VPN and proxy servers. A quick look at Google Trends data shows us that VPN as a service was equally queried by users globally as bats, the alleged origin of the Covid-19 strain.

A supporting attribution to this growth has also been generally rewarded to the increase in overall internet usage, as reported by Statista on 25 March 2020. With more and more people quarantined at home, there is a definite surge in web surfing. This naturally pushes users around the world to use a VPN to access sites that may be geo-blocked.

The Web Has Become More Hostile

A corollary to the above VPN trend, organizations are pushing their workforce to use enterprise VPNs for all types of web communication. Whether it is logging into a Microsoft Teams or Zoom meeting or sharing a bunch of files between organizations, professionals want to avoid any risks by using their bare internet connection.

This can be attributed to mainly two things: an increase in online fraud and the growing anxiety as a result. According to Forbes, phishing scams and other types of online fraud have seen a rapid increase in the past few weeks. Fake charities requesting donations, sites mimicking popular apps, portals that look like they belong to your organization are some of the ways that fraudsters are taking advantage of the coronavirus epidemic to hunt on unsuspecting users. News about these attacks is, in turn, making people anxious.

In all of this, residential VPNs and unblock proxy servers play a vital role as protectors. The web has turned slightly more hostile today and it needs more active participants. A VPN service can be one such participant.

Increase in VPN Literacy

The uptick in the number of users employing a VPN in their systems makes us point to the positive effect of increased VPN literacy. This epidemic has seen people – who had previously never used a VPN – get accustomed to it. They are looking at learning a VPN’s operating principle as well as looking at different types. (In case you are one of them, check out our blog for interesting tips and guides.)

We hope this learning will finally give the VPN community the due that it deserves. Either way, this trend will invite more users around the world to explore the various possibilities of a virtual private network. It gives providers like us all the more reasons to innovate and expand our offerings.

At tuxler VPN, we have always believed in observing the specific interest of our users and then delivering. These VPN trends that have suddenly shown themselves only give us more energy to assist our existing and potential users to stay safe on the world wide web.

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