How to Circumvent an IP Ban?

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So, you have been a victim of a sudden IP address ban. Or, was it a blanket IP range ban that had nothing to do with your online activities? Maybe it’s your VPN’s server IP that got blocked by a streaming site.

In that latter case – which happens far more often these days – switching to another VPN server will mostly fix it. Still, whatever may be the cause, if you’ve been blocked out of a website, it’s just not fun.

IP bans can feel harsh, especially if it’s from a website that you love. The recent menace of not-so-good activities across social media networks has led to a rise in shadowbans (in which your access to certain services is curtailed but you’re not fully banned). IP bans are rampant too which are usually handed out for offenses like breaking a site rule, hate speech, or persistent online vandalism. In some cases, there may be no reason at all. 

All that brings back the question: how do you tackle or circumvent an IP ban?

tuxlerVPN has the solutions.

Circumventing an IP Ban Using a VPN

You can circumvent an IP ban using a reliable VPN like tuxlerVPN. All you need to do is switch on the VPN, connect to a random server, and visit the website from where you were banned. 

How does this work, you ask? Well, here’s how a VPN helps you circumvent an internet protocol ban:

  1. When you switch on your VPN, it immediately starts routing all your traffic through a distant server. In tuxlerVPN’s case, it’s routed through our residential IP network.
  2. This means that your original IP address (the banned one) is masked by another residential IP address.
  3. When the website (on which your IP is banned) receives your access request, it identifies that the request is from this new IP address. The website will not know your real IP address.
  4. The website gives you access assuming you are someone else. 

In a VPN, this is known as tunneling action. It can also protect you from man-in-the-middle and other cyberattacks. The encryption shields your content from prying eyes and ensures that your connections are secure.

Another question that comes to the fore with this IP ban fix is: what can you do if your VPN itself is blocked by a website?

How to Get Past a VPN IP Block?

  1. Switch to another VPN server or VPN location
  2. Use a different VPN provider
  3. Use a residential VPN like tuxlerVPN

We’ve discussed VPN blocking before. There we concluded that the best way to circumvent a VPN block is to use a residential VPN. Many websites have got more innovative in how they detect VPN use and clamp down on users using them. 

This can result in IP range blocking where site administrators blacklist entire IP ranges of VPN servers. Switching the servers does little in such cases, making residential VPNs a better solution.

Using a residential VPN, your connection is routed through a 100% real residential IP. Such residential IP addresses rarely face the wrath of site admins as they are used by real users like you.

More Ways to Circumvent IP Bans

  • Send an email to site admin or support requesting ban revocation
  • Change your internet service provider (ISP)
  • Request an IP address change from your ISP

Alternative solutions to IP bans can be tricky and exhausting. If you don’t want to get into that kind of mess, stick to a residential VPN. That way, you don’t have to worry about any type of IP bans or VPN blocking.

Interested in trying a 100% residential VPN? Explore tuxlerVPN today.

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