How do you unblock games?

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How do you unblock games

The Internet introduced new horizons in entertainment, and smartphones boosted the accessibility of online gaming even further. But those spare time activities are not welcome everywhere. Every network in the world has administrators who can execute control over users’ actions. Read on to learn possible ways to go around blockades!

Why is my game blocked?

Most times, gaming restrictions are introduced for the sake of productivity. Gaming can get very addictive and such an addiction is often frowned upon. But no one is guilt-free! Statistics show that 89% of workers waste a lot of time at work every day, mostly by using mobile phones. Among the top time-wasting activities are web surfing, social media usage, and, of course, gaming. Ever since smartphones became popular and affordable, video games became a major distraction. Game creators strive to make their apps very addictive, so everyone should be responsible enough not to waste too much time playing them.

Network managers can have software blockades installed to suppress gaming. It is debatable whether it truly enhances productivity, but in any case, rules are rules. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way. The simplest solution is to play an offline game. With thousands of apps available, this is a very common choice. The other way is to use the mobile internet, but it will not help much if you want to play a game on a PC. And what if you just want to unblock online games, not go around the entire blockade?

How to unblock a game

There is a wide range of methods here. Let’s go through them.

Use your mobile hotspot

This is a widely known and easy solution. Your own smartphone can broadcast a Wi-Fi signal that other devices can use. It should be easy enough to find in the phone network settings. But the transfer speed could be disappointing. It is limited both by the mobile Internet and Wi-Fi data transfer. The phone battery could get drained faster, too.

Try unblocking games with URL tricks

There are two methods here, only applicable if you play in a browser. One is: instead of the website URL, use the IP address. First, you need to uncover it with a tool like DNS Checker or They allow you to query the IP of a server hosting a given website. If you type that IP into the browser address bar, it might work as a workaround for the network filter, allowing the needed page to load. However, if several sites are hosted on one server (a very popular case), this won’t work. Be warned: firewall also might be immune to this trick.

The second way is a URL shortener, like TinyURL. It converts any webpage address to a smaller version, which is later redirected to a full address. This might also fool a firewall, but not in 100% cases.

Proxy server to unblock games

A proxy works as an intermediary between you and a given website, thus circumventing some types of protections. There are many websites that offer free proxies. The disadvantage here is a slower connection, especially if you use free services that tend to get overcrowded by users. Also, some of them collect a lot of your data, like your browsing history which could violate online privacy. Apart from that, not all game features might be displayed correctly, especially animations and videos.

A VPN app to unblock all games

A Virtual Private Network creates a specific connection, sustained by a dedicated app. VPN works as a tunnel, shielding the data transfer on the way from your machine to a remote VPN server. This becomes your gateway to the Internet. The major difference is that the VPN connection is encrypted, so no third parties can snoop into your browsing activity. This technique is used to protect web users from espionage, hackers, and nosy supervisors. You can apply it to unblock all games, both in-browser ones and standalone programs. Disadvantages? You need to install a program, which in turn requires administrator privileges. In case you don’t have them, try one of the VPN browser extensions. Many manufacturers offer them in addition to their apps. Remember, those don’t secure any online activities outside that browser. Also, most VPNs are paid for, though some like tuxlerVPN have a free version.

Tor network

Lastly, let’s describe The Onion Router method. It works as a chain of connections between consecutive, randomly chosen relays in a volunteer-operated network. Intercepting such communication gives zero information about the sender and receiver or the data itself. All because of the multi-layer encryption. Criminals use such cover for frauds, illegal trades, and gambling, so using Tor could make you look suspicious! Also, it requires a special browser, so you cannot use this method without administrator privileges.

A safe alternative

The safest option would be not to play at all and spend time more productively. But human minds need some relief in order to regenerate, especially when working creatively or studying. Remember that if you try to hide something from your superiors, you can never be 100% sure you won’t get caught. A better idea is to organize your time in order to divide your attention between work and entertainment. Then, you don’t have to unblock anything at all!

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