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YouTube has become a day-to-day application whether you want to watch music videos, learn new skills, or are just looking for some entertainment. To maximize this experience, YouTube offers a Premium subscription that unlocks some great benefits.

But did you know you can enhance the YouTube Premium journey with a VPN connection? It offers enhanced privacy, access to global content, and more.

Understanding YouTube Premium

In October 2015, YouTube presented YouTube Red as a subscription service. In 2018, YouTube Red was rebranded as “YouTube Premium.” It’s a subscription-based model which unlocks many features:

  • There are no Ads in the videos, which brings the experience to the next level.
  • You can initiate background music play while doing other tasks on the phone.
  • You can download the videos and watch them in offline mode.
  • As a user, you can access YouTube Music, which has an extensive library.
  • YouTube Premium also has YouTube Originals content, which is only available for premium users.

You can even do more to enjoy such a great pool of content. With a reliable VPN connection like tuxlerVPN, you can unlock global content, improve privacy, and enjoy high-speed streaming. 

Why use a VPN with YouTube Premium?

You should know about VPNs to understand the need for a VPN for YouTube Premium. Under normal circumstances, when you use YouTube, your unique IP address (a distinctive numerical identifier for every device or network that connects to the Internet) is publicly available. Therefore, your activity data can be tracked by ISPs and third parties, too.

Establishing a VPN or a Virtual Private Network connection protects your online presence and can change your IP address to that of a server in the country of your preference. This connection to a special service of your choice is known as tunneling. Your activity and data become secure with great encryption and different IP addresses.

For instance, tuxlerVPN offers 100% residential IPs that are virtually impossible to trace, giving you 100% anonymity

There are many benefits of using YouTube Premium with a VPN:

Boosting connectivity of the YouTube Premium

Sometimes, there is a lot of traffic on YouTube or YouTube Premium, and the ISPs throttle down (slow down) the connection. When a VPN masks your IP address, the ISP can’t track your activity; hence, you can use high-speed YouTube Premium. Also, the VPN chooses the best server, which means the best speed for effortless streaming.

Creating an additional layer of privacy and security

Suppose you are traveling or are simply forced to connect to the internet in a public place. In such cases, you may have to use public WiFi. Generally, the public network is prone to attack due to poor security. In these scenarios, you can activate a VPN to watch YouTube. It safeguards your online activity, data, and device. Also, using a VPN for YouTube Premium safeguards your activities as a content creator or viewer. This makes you secure from tracking and attacks.

Access to global content

You can pair the YouTube Premium with the VPN to watch global content. You simply choose your server location and enjoy YouTube videos. Suppose you are on a business trip in another country; in this case, you can connect to the server of your home country to enjoy your regional content, too.

The speed, smooth connection, privacy, security, and access to global content make VPN the best for YouTube Premium. You can upload, comment, engage, and view without fear of third-party tracking. It becomes more important when you use the App too much. So, welcome a reliable VPN to enhance your YouTube experience even more.

How to use a VPN with YouTube Premium

You can use VPN for YouTube Premium with a few simple steps:

Select a VPN service: You should choose a reliable service that is compatible with all your needs. You can check online reviews, privacy standards, etc.

Download and launch it: You can use the App on your device, install the plugin on the browser, etc. Then, launch the platform and follow basic instructions.

Connect to the server: You can connect to your preferred server by clicking “Connect.”

Finally, after establishing the connection, you can open YouTube Premium and enjoy safe, global, speedy content.

While choosing a VPN, you should look for a reputable one with a high level of privacy. Also, look for the encryption standards, the number of servers to connect, speed, pricing, user interface, and more.

A one-stop solution in the world of VPN is tuxlerVPN. It offers millions of server locations, 100% residential IP with constantly modified proxies, high-grade encryption, amazing speed, and pricing options. A reliable VPN will shield your device and activity to effortlessly enjoy YouTube Premium and other online activities.  

Some of the metrics to check are:

  • Compatibility of the device with the VPN.
  • The VPN should have all the features you are looking for.
  • Check the privacy standards.
  • You should see its pricing: a fee, free trial, or basic plans. Then, choose it according to your budget.
  • You should check the speed after establishing the connection. You can use a speed meter for this.


YouTube Premium opens doors to new possibilities in the area of video streaming. You can connect to a VPN to enjoy a safe and vast content pool to enjoy it even more. The tip is to choose the most reliable VPN that fulfills your requirements, like tuxlerVPN, which ticks all the boxes when it comes to features. So, go through all the tips mentioned above, like understanding VPN, connecting, and choosing and enjoying YouTube Premium to its maximum potential.

Disclaimer: tuxlerVPN is committed to offering secure, fast, and flexible virtual private network (VPN) solutions that level up your online experience and use of YouTube Premium. As a user, you are expected to stick to all applicable laws and regulations when accessing YouTube Premium. Moreover, engaging in illegal activities while using a VPN is strictly forbidden. You should follow YouTube Premium’s terms of service when streaming or downloading content. If you engage in unethical activities, kindly do it at your own risk.

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