The Argument for Choosing an Independent VPN Company

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Choosing VPN software is a challenge these days. The prospect of researching VPNs against a slew of factors and sifting through the features provided by different VPN providers can even be intimidating to some. Not to mention the responsibility of finally using it efficiently. After all, the goal is to protect your privacy online. We know how it is.

This is why we have some cool guides to help you find the ideal VPN. Although we have delved into these topics before, there’s one aspect of VPN hunting that we haven’t covered before. It’s the unique charm of an independent VPN provider. 

Let’s take a look at what an independent VPN company is and why you should choose one.

What is an Independent VPN Company?

Any VPN provider that is not part of another organization, a larger holding company, or a government alliance is considered an independent VPN company. Such companies own physical RAM servers and use a dedicated infrastructure to provide VPN tunneling, encryption, and other VPN functionalities.

Independent VPN providers have the freedom to operate on their terms and create policies that are beneficial to them as well as their customers. 

More importantly, independent VPN providers do not have to cooperate with demands made by surveillance agencies. Unlike the popular VPNs that are part of alliances such as the 5 Eyes Alliance and 12 Eyes Alliance, independent VPN companies are not necessarily bound by government diktats that force them to share user data. 

Another advantage of having their infrastructure is cybersecurity. If a VPN company handles its security framework, it’s more likely to be secure and maintained as compared to another VPN provider that is part of a multi-VPN company (i.e., one holding company selling two or more VPN software brands).

For instance, countries that are part of the 5 Eyes Alliance demand user data sharing from companies such as VPN providers. This behooves the companies to act on their demands, thereby putting their customers’ privacy at risk.

In short, independent VPN companies can make their own rules and be safe from external demands for user data.

Why Choose an Independent VPN Provider?

There are several reasons to choose an independent VPN provider:

  • Better privacy protection through a no-logs policy
  • More VPN functions and features through a proprietary infrastructure
  • Safe from government and surveillance agencies’ snooping
  • Safe access to open-source VPN protocols and better encryption
  • No use of trackers in their software
  • Faster VPN connections due to dedicated servers and a controlled customer base

Above all, subscribing to an independent VPN company’s software gives you a better assurance that they care about their customers. That kind of assurance is critical when your privacy and online identity are at stake.

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