How to Stay Protected While Using Public Wi-Fi?

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We always recommend against using a public Wi-Fi network if possible. It’s the best way to shield your device and data. However, if there comes a situation where you have to access the internet via public Wi-Fi, here are some tips to stay protected.

  1. Prefer a Password-Protected Public Network

While avoiding public Wi-Fi is recommended, the second-best way to protect yourself is to opt for a network that is restricted by a password. This is common in hotels where you have to enter your room number and name to sign in. Such networks are safer than open networks as it’s not accessible by everyone in the vicinity.

  1. Use a VPN

Close all your applications before you connect to a public Wi-Fi network. Once you connect, switch on your VPN so that it immediately starts to encrypt your connection. Keep it on as long as you use the network. As a rule of thumb, keep your VPN switched on always.

  1. Avoid Accessing Financial Information

While using a public Wi-Fi network is okay, avoid the following:

  • Logging into your financial accounts
  • Transferring money online
  • Accessing your email on a public computer
  • Shopping online

Anything that has to do with your financial or private information must be avoided on a public network. 

  1. Avoid Public Computers

If you have to use public Wi-Fi, do so on your laptop or smartphone. Using a public computer is never recommended.

  1. Disconnect as Soon as You’re Done

Once you’re done with your purpose with the internet, disconnect from the public Wi-Fi. It’s common for people to stay connected well after they’re done with it. This can make your device vulnerable as your apps will continue to access the internet through the Wi-Fi network. In case you don’t have a VPN on, this can put your data in danger.

The point of this article is not to project public Wi-Fi systems as dangerous and filled with hackers. Many public networks – such as those found in luxury hotels, cafes, and airports – are useful, reliable, and fast. Connecting to such a network to quickly look up or download something is innocuous. But it’s always better to go in with some protection.

The bottom line is to keep your use of public Wi-Fi to a minimum and you’ll be okay. We hope this public Wi-Fi guide helps you stay safe while you’re on the go. For a reliable VPN, choose tuxlerVPN.

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