How to Set Up TuxlerVPN on Firefox Browser

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As a Firefox user, what’s a better way to browse the web? Using Firefox with the TuxlerVPN extension, of course. 

After the success of our Google Chrome extension, we launched one for Firefox too. The add-on works the same way as the Chrome extension and uses our residential VPN network to make you anonymous. With our Firefox VPN extension, you can surf the web safely.

Find out how to make your Firefox browser more secure in this article.

Steps to Install TuxlerVPN Extension on Firefox (Windows)

Follow these steps to download and install our VPN extension on Firefox. Please note that these steps are for a Windows 10/11 system.

  1. Go to the TuxlerVPN page on Firefox Browser Add-Ons.
  2. Select Add to Firefox.
  3. A popup will appear giving you details about the add-on. Select Add.
  4. Select Okay, Got it to finish the setup.

The TuxlerVPN Firefox add-on will be successfully installed on your browser. Before you can start using TuxlerVPN, there’s an additional step.

Once you have installed the extension, you will need to activate it. You can do so by following the on-screen instructions that will appear after the add-on has been installed. It essentially requires you to download the TuxlerVPN application (Helper app) on your computer. This is the software that facilitates residential tunneling within the browser. It is important to execute this step to use the TuxlerVPN Firefox add-on.

You can install this TuxlerVPN Helper app just like you would install any executable file on your Windows system. Just follow the instructions on the installer and it will be installed in under a minute.

Alternatively, to download the Mozilla add-on you can visit the Firefox Add-Ons store directly from your browser and search for the TuxlerVPN extension. Simply select add-ons from Firefox’s hamburger menu (on the top right). Then select Find more add-ons and explore the store for the extension. Search for TuxlerVPN to find our VPN add-on.

Using TuxlerVPN Firefox Add-On

After the installation, simply click on the TuxlerVPN within your browser to open it. Choose the server from over 70,000 locations around the world and start browsing safely. 

The best thing about having TuxlerVPN right in your browser is how easy it is to activate and run it. You can switch servers to unblock sites, bypass censorship, and browse the web anonymously. All within your browser.

Simple, right? Download the Firefox add-on today!

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