How to Hide from Your ISP?

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It’s one thing to protect yourself from the dangers of the internet and another to avoid surveillance by your ISP. The former can be achieved in multiple ways, one of which is using a VPN which is discussed widely. The latter is hardly a discussion topic online or offline due to its purported harmlessness.

You might think: why should I care if my internet service provider tracks me?

If you ask us, you should because your ISP might be tracking you for a whole lot of reasons. Your ISP’s tracking not only invades your privacy but also puts your identity and privacy in danger. It’s, therefore, in your best interest to hide from your ISP.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to do it. Let’s take a look.

Why Should You Hide from Your Internet Provider?

Let’s first understand why your internet service provider might be tracking you. While a few ISPs mind their own business, others engage in nefarious practices such as the following:

  • Traffic tracking – ISPs may track, collect, and store your web traffic as a policy requirement. They may share this with government and law enforcement agencies when requested, putting your privacy at risk. Some ISPs may also sell this data for profit.
  • Traffic monitoring – ISPs may monitor your web traffic to keep a track of the websites you visit and the files you download. Based on this data, they may customize your connection which can eventually influence your web experience. For example, most ISPs in India prevent their users from accessing P2P websites, acting on a government directive.
  • Speed throttling – Some ISPs may choose to track your activities and throttle your connection speed if they find out that you are using a competitor’s service. This practice goes beyond anti-competition tactics and can also include third-party businesses that may influence ISPs into blocking access to competitor websites.

Above all, the idea that an ISP can collect whatever data they can from you is enough to deny it access. While there is no way to block your ISP completely, there sure are a few ways to hide from it.

2 Ways to Stop ISP Tracking

Here are two proven ways to avoid ISP tracking and enjoy shackle-free browsing.

Use TuxlerVPN

Using TuxlerVPN or any VPN software will help you hide from your ISP. Since your traffic is routed through a distant server, your ISP will not be able to track you or collect your browsing data. However, your ISP will know that you’re using a VPN.

VPN’s offering of encryption is an added advantage in such cases as it makes for a complete privacy protector. Read more about why we think a VPN is an essential privacy tool today.

Use a Proxy Service

Using a proxy service can also hide you from your ISP. It works similarly to a VPN sans the encryption. In a proxy, your traffic is routed through a server located in another location. This effectively changes your IP address by the time you reach your destination (such as a website).

This routing action prevents your ISP from tracking your online activities. Again, like a VPN, your ISP will know that you’re behind a proxy service.

Between a VPN and proxy, we recommend the former due to its all-rounding efficiency. A paid residential VPN like TuxlerVPN is enough to say goodbye to almost most of the perils of the internet. With a proxy, you’ll just be fighting off a single threat. Malware and hacking attempts may still not elude you.

Need to try TuxlerVPN for free before you commit to it? Download now.

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