How to Choose a VPN for Apple Devices

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Getting a Mac or an iPhone is generally considered better and more fashionable than getting a device with a competitor OS like Windows or Android. The main reason behind this assumption is that macOS and iOS have cleaner interfaces, are easier to set up, are devoid of as many vulnerabilities as their competitors, and allow plug-and-play with most software. Apple devices are also known for their intrinsically strong security infrastructure.

Still, you can’t ignore the additional protection offered by a virtual private network (VPN). Even if not for the protection, a VPN has several other advantages that make it a must-have privacy tool in this digital age.

If you are planning to get a VPN for your Apple device, consider weighing your options against the factors listed below. We are sure you’ll come out with a better choice.

Factors to Consider While Choosing an Apple or iOS VPN

Most factors that influence an Apple VPN are similar to what you would use to compare a VPN generally. Hence, we have focused only on those that matter to an Apple user like you.

Clean UI and Functioning

As an Apple user, we know you are accustomed to polished applications. Whether it is your MacBook or an app on your iPhone, the reasons why you prefer it are simple, functioning design, and form factor. It would be ideal to have a similarly decent and minimal UI in your choice of VPN client. Right?

While most VPN providers develop their iOS clients keeping the aesthetics and “Apple feel” in mind, we recommend you to take a look at the software screenshots before making a decision. Getting those free trials can also help where you can run and test the VPN once before committing.

Support for Your Device

How good is a VPN if its support for your Apple device is in the beta phase? It’s not worth the price that you will pay. Therefore, make sure your VPN client has a well-developed app for your Apple device. If you use an iPhone, see if the provider has a well-built iOS VPN app and if the reviews are largely positive.

TuxlerVPN has a clean iOS app for your Mac desktop computer. Take a look!

Customer Support

VPN applications for Windows and Android are available in large numbers. For macOS and iOS, there aren’t many reliable providers around. This is why you should take a very good look at the customer support of a VPN provider. If you face a problem with the installation or while using the VPN, customer support should be able to resolve your issue. And for this, the support team will need experience handling the VPN client on Apple devices.

While you can’t ensure this easily, glancing through online reviews will help.

Smooth Integration with the macOS or iOS Ecosystem

Whatever VPN you choose, it should work independently of the Apple system. Some VPNs on Mac do tend to affect other applications such as the firewall and the anti-virus program. This is where the reputation of the VPN provider will matter. Always prefer a VPN that has historically served Apple users.

Looking for an iOS or iPhone VPN does not have to be a task. Just keep these four factors in mind while shopping. If you want to avoid all that hassle, head straight to our homepage and explore our app for your Mac.

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