How to Browse the Web Safely with a Residential VPN

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How to Browse the Web Safely with a Residential VPN

You may already know the perils of browsing the web without protection. Potential virus and malware attacks, phishing, data interception, financial fraud – all sorts of unlawful activities that mar the web today. And these are rarely targeted at a specific person or group; hackers run scripts that pick up their victims randomly. If you browse without any sort of protection or if your online security system is vulnerable, you could be their next target.

So, how do you avoid falling in the line of these hackers’ attacks? How can you browse the web safely? What measures can you take to be safe online?
There are several things that you can do to safeguard yourself online. While most of these have to do with basic hygiene like avoiding questionable sites and not downloading anything from random websites, there is one major critical aspect. Using a trusted VPN service like a residential VPN.

tuxler VPN, the world’s first community-powered residential VPN, can be the answer to all your worries. Here’s a look at how using a residential VPN can help you browse the web safely and without any hassle.

What is a Residential VPN?

A residential VPN is a proxy system that can connect you with a pool of true residential IPs that are provided by real internet service providers (ISPs). It is just like using the IP address of a real Internet connection attributed to a real user.

A better way to understand residential VPNs is to compare it with another type of VPN, one that uses a datacenter IP. In that case, the VPN will provide you with an IP generated by a proxy server or datacenter. This is problematic in more than one way. One, websites that implement geo tagging can easily detect these types of IPs. Secondly, such IPs are shared by a large number of users globally, which can further hamper your web browsing experience.

A residential IP is both 100% true and ‘original’, which provides an authentic web browsing experience. Websites rarely scrutinize activity logged by such residential IPs, providing you with a safe and secure experience. It also means easy entry into websites that are geoblocked in your location.

This is also where the main application of a residential VPN comes into the picture. Since there is a wide pool of residential IPs available, you can assume the virtual location of your choice. Does Netflix require you that you log in from a US IP? Go ahead, switch on the tuxler VPN extension, and start watching your favorite shows.

Residential VPNs are trustworthy, usually free, and easy to use. tuxler VPN provides free 100% residential IPs and all our users with over 70,000 proxies to choose from. Our residential IP pool covers around 200 ISPs globally, making us one of the strongest providers in the scene right now.

How to Use a Residential IP?

The best way to find and use a residential IP is to download and install the tuxler VPN Chrome extension. It is free to use and easy to install, just like any other extension on the Chrome Web Store. You may check out our tutorial here or simply visit the download page and follow the onscreen instructions.

Once the extension has been added to your browser, make sure that you switch it ON at all times. This will ensure that your IP is masked continuously. If you want to change the location of the residential IP, choose one from the list provided within the extension. Some locations might be locked and you will have to purchase our premium plan to unlock those. Visit our website for more details.

Using a residential VPN is one of the easiest ways to stay safe online. tuxler VPN is continuously improving its systems to ensure that it remains easy and safe for you forever.

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