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Frequently asked questions

How to use Tuxler?

Just click on “Connect” button and your location will be changed. The first location will be assigned randomly, then you can choose any location you wish.

Is Tuxler really free?

Yes, since the beginning the goal of our service was to make it free forever. Tuxler has some limitations on a number of location changes. After you pass your limit you will be able to use randomly assigned IPs only. This is to prevent abuse of our community-powered network. However, when you need privacy, Tuxler will always work for you, without bandwidth restrictions. Our goal is to provide privacy to anyone, whenever you need it and for how long you need it. If full privacy is your goal, you will get it with Tuxler.

Can I select a particular city?

Yes, you can. It is available only in a Premium Version.

Why is “Current location” different from my “Preferred location”?

By choosing your preferred location you can choose what location you prefer. Tuxler will then assign a location that is the closest to your preferred location. You can always be sure that “Current location” will be the one that is the closest to your “Preferred location”.

My location has changed automatically, why did this happen?

Location changes do happen automatically from time to time. When they happen your new location will always be the closest to your preferred localization.

How does Tuxler work?

Tuxler is a community-powered VPN. Our users pool and share their resources, thanks to that as a network we can offer the biggest number of VPN servers available, covering the whole World and every location possible.

Is using Tuxler detectable?

No, when using Tuxler you are always being real IP addresses from real users of our network. Thanks to that nobody can tell you that you are behind a VPN. Unlike other VPN providers, we can provide true anonymity.