Get Unblocked From Tinder: A Detailed Overview

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If you have any experience with dating apps, you may know how ridiculous and scandalous some of them can be. Tinder, on the other hand, has gotten increasingly popular because it is substantially better than its competitors. It focuses more on an individual’s personality, occupation, hobbies, and then the basic information like age, name, etc. Most people integrate their social media to display small pieces of their preferences.

Tinder is a rightfully renowned dating app. It has millions of followers and users who are eager to find their love match. However, because of the enormous number of people using Tinder, many policies have been reinforced and gotten more strict.

Additionally, every app has its own policies and rules for its users, and Tinder does as well. While Tinder is not an exception to having rules and such, it does have a quite unique set of rules compared to its competitors. And if someone doesn’t follow those rules, they get banned real soon.

However, if you have already been banned, don’t worry. Contrary to a popular belief, getting banned on Tinder is relatively common. Nevertheless, it stings all the same when all those messages, matches, and countless other memories attached to those previous conversations are just gone.

When someone picks up their phone and notices that they have been banned from Tinder, they are likely to feel anxious and confused. This article will answer all your questions about how one gets banned in the first place and, most importantly, how to get unblocked from Tinder.

How Does One Get Banned From Tinder?

If you have been blocked on Tinder for the first time, you may not understand the reasons of the ban. As previously mentioned, Tinder’s regulations and rules are a bit more modern and different compared to the rest of the dating apps. Countless reasons may be the cause of your Tinder ban.

Additionally, there can be more than one reason (or violation of certain guidelines) that plays a role in your ban. Therefore, you should read the ban reasons carefully and determine which of them would have likely been the source of your ban.

Spam or Fake Accounts

A fake or spam account is one of the primary reasons for a Tinder ban. If you have been using false information and data about yourself, there’s a high chance that you will get banned.

Most of the time, these spam or fake accounts belong to dangerous and suspicious people. For instance, people trying to hack into various places, bullies who wish to conceal their identity, or predators who are a danger to society.

However, some people simply like pranking people, which is their motive to use false information about themselves.

The Creators of Tinder work hard to ensure that these spam accounts or fake identities are removed from their site, and the app is safe for the rest.

Offensive or Inappropriate Language

When people match together, they are bound to have flirtatious conversations. However, there is a specific boundary that they cannot cross while using Tinder. The partner can rightfully report the other person for offensive or inappropriate language if the messages get out of control.

On the other hand, offensive and inappropriate language can mean racial slurs or the use of homophobic terms.

Read the guidelines carefully and make sure you have a clear understanding of the terms and conditions since this may help you to avoid the Tinder account ban.

Posting Inappropriate Pictures

One of Tinder’s strict policies is that you cannot share inappropriate pictures with your match. If you do, the person on the other side is entitled to report you for their safety and comfort.

While Tinder doesn’t eliminate pictures that have some skin displayed in them, they do ban animal cruelty pictures or sexual images. You can use skin-showing pictures; those are acceptable. However, Tinder firmly believes inappropriate pictures are for your gallery alone.

If the person gets reported or the Creators of Tinder stumble upon such a user themselves, they will be immediately removed.

How to Get Around the Tinder Ban?

Now that you have a clear understanding of the reasons you got your account blocked, you need to learn how to get yourself unbanned from Tinder. However, before delving into the “how” part, you should think about the “can” part. This is to say that Tinder bans tend to be extremely strict. You can’t easily doge a Tinder ban.  


When Tinder rules out the ban, it is almost always irreversible. Therefore, people need to be careful, to begin with. You get blocked from Tinder when you violate their guidelines. The sign that your account is banned is when you log in (it doesn’t matter if it is from the app or the website) and there is a notification that you violated their terms.

Fortunately, all hope is not lost; unbanning Tinder can be possible. However, it is only possible if you appeal. Appealing is the only official way of getting unblocked from Tinder. However, appealing is not something that is mentioned in the Tinder guidebook because they claim not to know about it.

But don’t worry, they have an appeal option, and it is on their page. Once you visit the request page, there will be a “Trouble With Account Login” option. Under that same option, there will be a section that says, “Can’t Log In, My Account Is Banned.”

This section is where you will put in your information, fill in an entire description of why you think you got banned, and then you will have to present your case as to why they should unban your Tinder account.

If your case is solid and persuasive, you can get unblocked from Tinder in no time. While it can be tricky, there is a chance. And you can take this opportunity and present yourself well. Try and impress the team enough for them to let go of your ban.

How to Get Your Phone Number Unbanned From Tinder?

Unfortunately, if you get blocked from Tinder, the appeal is the only chance to get your account unblocked. However, if your appeal is rejected, you won’t have the chance to recover your number. See, the rules and terms of the Tinder ban are extremely strict. And getting your current number unblocked is one of those strict guidelines.

How to Get Unbanned In A Few Minutes?

Now that we have discussed getting unbanned the “official way,” let’s talk about getting unblocked the smart way. You likely will opt for this method only when your appeal gets rejected, understandably so. However, if you are careful how you proceed, you will face zero difficulties and manage just fine.

The answer to getting unblocked from Tinder is using a VPN. It is one of the most reliable and effective ways of getting your Tinder unblocked.

When the VPN connection reroutes the signals with the help of a remote server, it will resolve any geographical restriction. And being free of any geographical restriction means that your blacklisted IP address will be cleared away, leaving you perfectly capable of using Tinder with the same ID.

A VPN hides your true location; it conceals the IP address, which ultimately changes the person’s identity. When the identity is “changed,” you can easily use your Tinder account without needing to worry about getting a notification from the app.

If you don’t have any experience using a VPN, here are a couple of basic steps to guide you along the process.

Download and Install the VPN on the Device

When you are downloading a VPN, you have to ensure that you are not downloading from an unreliable site. The VPN has to be authentic and credible for it to actually work. There are a lot of bots that are harmful to your system, not to mention they are also fraud.

Additionally, make sure you download the VPN on the proper device. If you use Tinder on your tablet, download it there; the same goes for laptops, phones, etc.

See, the VPN doesn’t have connectivity outside the device where it is downloaded; it doesn’t work similarly to a WiFi. So, make sure that you download VPN only where Tinder is downloaded as well.

Connect to the Proper Location

When you connect to the VPN, you will notice that they have a variety of different locations. You can set your IP in many locations; you can sit on your laptop in the U.S., while the VPN can transport the address to Australia.

However, you have to make sure that you connect to a state or region where Tinder is operating. There are a few countries where Tinder is banned, so make sure that you haven’t connected to these sites.

Use It Cautiously and Safely

This is an important step because many people forget to take Tinder seriously and use it unwisely. If you want to be able to use it for a long time, you have to be responsible. If you use it cautiously and safely, you won’t face any difficulty in the future.

Will a VPN Truly Help?

You don’t need to answer a lot of privacy-related questions to get a match on Tinder. Typically, it is trendy for most people to have speed-dating events with fewer private surveys and more communication.

However, it is extremely inconvenient in some people’s opinion because it often requires you to link your social media, for instance, your Spotify and Facebook profiles. After all, it is completely understandable for people not to want to disclose their information to everyone around them.

This is why you need to have a VPN that is reliable, safe, and efficient. If you want to keep your information confidential, you need to have a VPN that will protect your location and ID.

With the help of a VPN, you can look up different ways to communicate and connect with people on Tinder. VPN is an excellent way to ensure geographical proofing of your location and yet continue your quest for a compatible match.

How Long Does It Take To Get Unbanned From Tinder? How Long Do Tinder Bans Last?

First and foremost, you should know that when you get blocked from Tinder, it is permanent. However, there are plenty of options that can help you get back.

If you have voluntarily deleted your Tinder account, then there is a chance that Tinder will keep your data for like 3 months or so. However, Tinder can keep their data for a little over a year for banned accounts.

As previously mentioned, you can’t unban your Tinder account. Therefore, there is no point in waiting for the ban to be removed; you can either appeal or use a VPN if you want to use the same ID.

Final Thoughts

There is a good chance that if you have violated the terms and regulations of the Tinder guidelines, they will ban your account from further use. There is an alternative for when you get blocked from Tinder; it is to appeal. However, the catch is that they can reject it, which makes it an uncertain possibility.

So, choose a safe and effective VPN. Try our tried and trusted tuxlerVPN, which allows thousands of IP addresses to choose from.

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