5 VPN Usage Tricks for Power Users

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You can always get more utility out of your VPN service. You just need to pull some strings and tweak the settings of your client to do it. While you may be using a VPN just as a cover to stay anonymous online, there are a few things that you can do to improve your overall experience.
Here are five such tricks that will turn you into a power user.

Trick #1 – Use Your VPN’s Browser Extension

If available, download and install your VPN provider’s browser extension. It will provide a much quicker and more seamless web browsing experience than using a desktop client.
For example, tuxler VPN has a handy Google Chrome extension that you can use along with the desktop client. It’s faster, hassle-free, and uses less memory compared to a standalone application continuously running in the background.
Doing so can also help you assess the VPN’s speed and usability before purchasing it (pro tip!). Since most extensions are free, they can act as additional support for those quick, anonymous browsing needs.

Trick #2 – Choose the Closest Server Location (IP) for Faster Browsing

This is considered a myth. But in reality, choosing an IP that is close to your original location can mean faster web page loading. This is because the VPN client takes longer to switch to a server that is farther away from your original IP. This also ensures good latency and less chance of disconnection.

Trick #3 – Use VPN for All Types of Communication

Compare this with trick #1.
Most users tend to use a VPN when they are browsing or using a particular application. But we recommend switching it ON for all types of communication including system updates and application communication. This will give you complete protection from threats and keep your communication safe and secure.
You cannot know which application’s communication is being intercepted. So, it’s better to route your system’s entire communication via your VPN client.

Trick #4 – Always Subscribe to Yearly Plans

Once you have decided to buy a VPN, opt for the annual subscription. This will often land you a better deal than monthly or quarterly payments. Subscribing around a festival or a holiday (like Black Friday) can further get you a discount or a special offer. So, watch out for those before purchasing.

Trick #5 – Download and Install the Mobile Client Too

Most VPNs offer mobile support too. So, make sure that you download and install the app into your mobile system. Usually, you can use your primary subscription across your mobile phone and desktop. This is a great way to stay anonymous across devices.

Pro Tip – If you are still worried about revealing your IP while using any other device, consider getting a VPN router.

While these are simple tricks, you can find more ways to boost the speed of your connection by going through the settings of your VPN client. Just follow the manual supplied by the VPN company and follow the steps to further optimize your connection. A little bit of experiment can go a long way in configuring the client for optimum performance.
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