A Quick Way to Make Google Chrome Safer

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We all know what Google Chrome is known for. Despite what the internet thinks about its RAM-intensive workings, we at TuxlerVPN think it’s one of the safest web browsers out there. It’s Incognito Mode may not help you from snoopers but it’s a good way to avoid storage of cookies and the history of your web surfing sessions on your system. It also warns you about suspicious websites and gives you some control over what you share with the websites that you visit. Even as a barebones browser, Google Chrome is an all-rounder.

Yet, we feel there’s one way to make it better. See it as a way to make your web surfing sessions safer and more private, and which does not affect your browsing in any way. Yes, we are talking about a catalyst, the idea of installing a VPN on Google Chrome.

Installing TuxlerVPN On Google Chrome

We recommend installing the TuxlerVPN Chrome extension for one small reason: hide your tracks online by routing your traffic through a VPN tunnel. Doing so not only hides your IP address but also prevents your data and surfing activities from being snooped on by interceptors.

Installing it will not affect other functions of your browser. The TuxlerVPN just sits there and tunnels your traffic through a residential IP address. You should know that if you choose the free plan, you will be sharing your IP address with the larger pool of TuxlerVPN. This can be avoided by signing up for TuxlerVPN Premium.

How TuxlerVPN Makes Chrome Safer

The idea is simple. When you use TuxlerVPN, you are essentially communicating over another IP address. This lets you anonymize your web activities such as visiting a certain site or downloading a file. It also encrypts your traffic so that interceptors like surveillance agencies and hackers cannot make sense of your data and traffic. Encryption will make your data and traffic details look gibberish, which can only be decrypted by the VPN client at the receiving end.

Installing it also means that every activity (that requires the internet) that you do on Google Chrome will be routed through the VPN tunnel. You can install and forget about it, and continue to have the TuxlerVPN cover forever.

This one action can change the way you surf the web. From having your web activity vulnerable to hacking and snooping, it can act as a cover to protect your online identity. And it does not even take more than 5 minutes. 

Steps to Install TuxlerVPN Google Chrome Extension

  1. Go to the Chrome App Store page of TuxlerVPN
  2. Select Add to Chrome
  3. On the popup, select Add extension

The TuxlerVPN Google Chrome extension will be downloaded and installed. You will need to activate it by downloading the TuxlerVPN app. Just follow the on-screen instructions to get started.

If you need more help, we have covered the steps in detail in this guideDownload the extension today!

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